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What is your business strategy? How to successfully coordinate your operation when targeting a new market? These are questions that any Chinese companies should be asking when expending their activities. In your company, your business strategy actually implies various types and levels of operations.

Daxuemetry is a business strategy advisory agency focusing on supporting Chinese companies in there international competition. We will focus on three levels within Chinese businesses’ strategy – corporate strategy, business unit activation; operational coordination; and Daxuemetry utilizes the core tools and models of the related area in these three levels.

Daxuemetry concept of business strategy

Business leaders and theorists have studied about business strategy for years. However, there is not yet an exact answer. Still, being prepared, with a good understanding and analysis of the current situation is a crucial criterion to develop successful strategies. Daxuemetry promotes this data-driven approach and conduct data-collection methods to enhance future strategies and operational activations. Our aim is to identify consumer trends, size your target, define the competition framework and improve your overall understanding of your market.

Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes, the writers of Exploring cooperate strategy, consider that strategy determines the developmental direction and the scale of organization. They also believe that strategy decides the allocation of resources for meeting the needs of the market and the stockholders.

Michael E.Porter, emphasizes that strategy should imply and explain the uniqueness of the organization. Strategies decide the organization’s resources, skills and ability allocation. The combination will create competitive edge for the company. There will be always some key elements for development. By making full use of these elements, companies will get much more opportunities. Companies need to be fully prepared and anticipate the future all along the whole process.

For example, Daxuemetry utilizes business strategy to lead integrated planning within its clients’ organization. We promote the development of unique strategies in each department and operational level, in a disaggregated Cartesian approach. Each team should have their own strategy and make sure to follow the right direction during daily operations. It includes establishment of intermediary operational objectives, aiming at keeping your team in track at any stage of your development process. It also includes close monitoring of the operational setup with regular data-collection for KPI evaluation.

Daxuemetry Corporate Strategy approach

Corporate strategy represents the integrated strategy of any level of the company in different markets. When it comes to corporate strategy, Daxuemetry aim is to determine how a company supports and improves the value of internal departments, and to answers the question “how do we structure integrated business to increase our potential market and gain market share in any segment of target?”

Daxuemetry leverages and combines its own data-collection techniques and tools such as Michael Porter five forces model, Boston Matrix, Arthur D. Little and VRIO to better identify the most relevant corporate strategy to adopt according to the current market situation and consumer trends.

While the first objective of market research is to assess the potential and main trends of a market, Daxuemetry will focus on defining the key client acquisition segments and increasing market share in each of these segments through the business strategy definition. In this matter, Daxuemetry provides competitor analysis, including competitive and market intelligence to better adapt your offer to your competition on each market, as well as consumers’ concept acceptance assessment. The combination of these methodologies will enable Daxuemetry’s team to design or redesign its client’s value proposition and marketing plan to enhance its business strategy. Knowing the core competitiveness and understanding of how to meet the clients’ needs through using these tools will greatly help companies increase competitive edge. Daxuemetry also uses USP to analyze how to reinforce competitive position.

As an international company, we have team members coming from all over the world, we have MBA interns from top business schools, we use the most advanced technology in market research, and we could design your very own company strategy in the shortest time.