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Our story

In 2009, Matthieu David-Experton, a French entrepreneur graduated from Guanghua School of Management, established Daxuemetry with some of his school comrades. With resources of college networks such as MBA and PHD students, Daxuemetry offered competitive, suitable and high quality services for clients.


In 2010, Daxuemetry is officially established and is growing rapidly. In 2014, Daxuemetry has gained extensive lead in market research and data-collection advanced technologies (big data, crowd funding) serving a base of traditional consulting.


In 2015, Daxuemetry extended its staff team and operation, subdividing a branch brand—Daxue Metry. Daxue Metry mainly focuses on providing market research data-collection for Chinese enterprise. Meanwhile, Daxuemetry redesigned the brand identity, brand website and publicity materials to fit current development.


Daxuemetry is now a leading market research and strategy advisory firm based in Beijing and Shanghai, with more than 25 full-time project managers and conducts nearly 100 projects a year, for both international brands willing to enter Chinese market and Chinese brands looking to compete in the international scale.

Custom-made market consulting service

Customer-centric, every project in Daxuemetry is uniquely designed. Our aim is to bring accurate market research to our clients by studying Chinese market. Through our consultants and partners, we can execute projects all over China. Through our extensive network, we have rich resources to offer to our clients and we can conduct market survey on a national scale, including low-tier and rural areas. Moreover, we can cover a variety of projects, such as high-technology, food, beverage, fashion and B2B industry.


We pride ourselves as customer-centered as we choose the most suitable consulting plan for each client. We bring the most professional and enjoyable business experience for all our customers.

Our references speak for us