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Digital strategy:  to benefit from the opportunities offered by the digital world

Digital strategy is a process of specifying an organization’s vision, goals, opportunities and related activities in order to maximize the business benefits of online presence.

Digital strategy will lead you to improving visibility, positioning and image in your targeted market.

What would be the process of Daxue Research for Digital strategy

Daxue Research delivers proven and specific solutions through Digital strategy services.

  • Website digital identity testing,
  • Tracking of social network presence,
  • Improving of ranking in search engines,
  • Online public relation
  • community management

Daxue Research team has years of experience in the realization of Digital strategy projects in China. Our staff follows a strict process in order to deliver the solutions and tools for a relevant digital presence. Daxue Research is directly and deeply involved in every step of a strict process:

  • Discussion with the client to understand his views on digital identity,
  • Quantitative, qualitative or/and desk research on specific online habits of target customers,
  • Usage of proven methodologies to improve communication and efficiency of digital tools: A/B testing, Mouse tracking, Speed tracking, Sentiment analysis.
  • Creation of relevant editorial line
  • Contact with key opinion leaders
  • Public relation building
  • SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM to gain visibility on search engine.

Our staff creation comes from discussion with the customer in order to understand its positioning, ambition and capacities in this online market. Our goal is to improve visibility, positioning and image of your company thanks to Daxue Consulting’s digital strategy solutions.

The major risk of online strategy development is to create a negative digital identity or one not matching the customers demand. It could happen if the customers demand is not understood, if the digital strategy expertise is not deep enough, if the digital identity is not matching the physical reality. Experience and on-field consulting are certainly the best means to reduce risk.

What kind of companies can use Digital strategy in China

Digital strategy can be quite relevant to every company which have or want to have an online presence.

Daxue Research can help you to identify key drivers of growth and business opportunities through Digital strategy in China.

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