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DAXUEMETRY Tech - Advanced technology


Digital strategy

We combine different creative and scentific research methods to assist Chinese corporation to manage their internationalization. Our tech research solution will support you to go international while having a full knowledge about the local market.

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storechecks 中国

The Store-Checkers - Mobile APP for in-store research

Through innovative and pragmatic approaches, we help you optimize decision-making processes. Our mobile APP will give you access to in-store data in which the accuracy can be guaranteed.

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Online survey 中国

Online survey China - Computer-assisted web interviewing (CAWI)

Quantitative researches offer statistically accurate data about representative samples. By selecting the right and representative interviewees, we can get reliable statistics to conduct data analysis for the optimization of the decision-making process

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DAXUEMETRY Research Data-collection

desk research 中国

Desk research China

Through analysis and thorough data-collection of secondary data, Daxue helps you to understand the situation of the market, as well as your competitors' performance

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Focus Group 中国

Focus Group China

Through collecting opinions of the targeted population within open talks and exchanges, we provide a comprehensive understanding and analysis of market trends and acceptance of your innovation

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quantitative survey

Market survey China

Our market surveys aim at providing high-quantity of reliable data to support statistical and crossed analysis

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DAXUEMETRY Strategy Consulting


Cross-cultural Branding

Our team is multi-cultural, with various background and countries of origin. It makes us capable to understand both your identity as a Chinese brand and the specificity of your targeted overseas market

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Brand naming (Chinese- English - French - German - Korean - Hebrew)

Graduated from prestigious universities in China, U.K., France and U.S., our team members are cosmopolitan and of excellent marketing sense. We can help our client determine a wide range of possibilities of naming in any market

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Marketing strategy 中国

Marketing strategy China

From market Expansion to image development, we can conduct 360° analysis related to the market, products, distribution and promotion. We are able to identify leverages in your sales generation and adapt your positioning to optimize your market shares

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Business strategy 中国

Business strategy in China

Daxue Consulting leverages its strong roots on the China's market to optimize your future domestic or overseas' business development and adapt the structure of your enterprise to match international requirements

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  • World class quality

    Your project is managed from proposal to presentation by professionals and international consultant with years of market research experience in China from top corporations and universities. They provide careful thought to the approach and the selection of effective, well-known and proven methodologies to fit your needs while meeting every deadline. Our knowledge of research, of international brands and of Chinese environment ensures conclusions you can trust. We help you to identify the impact of new trends.

  • International vision

    Our Chinese roots along with our international identity give us a 360 understanding of both the need of Chinese brands and the competition they face both in their opening domestic market and overseas. Our experience of these issues and our capabilities to complete large-scale data collection allow us to provide a service that global firms simply cannot match.

  • Responsiveness & Flexibility

    Support from your project manager is just a phone call away. Clients tell us how pleased they are to find their senior consultant had researched their business and understood their unique challenges in China.

  • Technological solutions

    To perform data collection as well as market audit, we develop our own tech-solution or leverages the best partners in the market. It gives you access to efficient, competitive and international market data in few clicks and with great reliability

  • Perfect partner in China and overseas

    We work with both Chinese and international brands to develop their operation in China and support the internationalization through our research capabilities and our strategic planning experience in Chinese, European, American and South-Asian environments

  • Our clients

    MNC and SME (Small and Medium Entreprises). Our clients are both multinational corporations and medium-sized companies.




  • 中国游戏行业发展——激流涌上,智者取胜
  • 01 Jul
  • 中国游戏行业发展——激流涌上,智者取胜

    by Jane Chen in Uncategorized
  • 随着官方对于游戏行业的管制越来越宽松,网络技术与新科技不断发展,中国游戏行业的发展具备了较好的政策环境,激流涌上,大门敞开,机会已经近在眼前,但谁有能力和意愿去抓住,还是智者取胜。 欢迎联系Daxue Metry, 了解更多游戏资讯和调研信息。 游戏行业现状 根据中国音像与数字出版协会游戏出版工作委员会发布的2015中国游戏产业报告,2015年,中国游戏用户数达到5.34亿人,同比增长3.3%,中国游戏市场的实际销售收入达到1407亿元人民币,同比增长22.9%。细分到各类游戏,2015年批准出版的游戏中移动游戏所占比例最大,为49.7%,其次为网页游戏32.8%、客户端游戏11.2%;收入方面,移动游戏市场实际销售收入达到514.6亿元,同比增长87.2%,网页游戏市场收入增长8.3%,客户端游戏市场收入增长0.4%。 中国国际IP 大会、中国游戏经理大会、中国国际游戏交易会、中国国际数码互动娱乐展览会(ChinaJoy)的盛况,也展现了中国游戏市场的潜力和活力。2016年6月21日,腾讯最大一笔海外收购案便是对《部落冲突》游戏开发商84.3%的股权收购。 未来发展趋势 中国游戏市场具有很大的潜力,玩家众多、创业者众多,因此游戏品质的保证、核心玩家的发展、泛娱乐化的合理性、可盈利空间的拓展,以及最为重要的,创新的力度是游戏公司能够赢得用户的关键。目前为止的行业收入增长让人感到乐观,面对国外竞争者的优势地位,纯本土化产品的开发尚具有很大的空间,新技术的发展也让游戏行业的未来更加多样化,更令人期待。 技术和商机 在中国提到游戏,不得不提到的两个名词就是“直播”和“VR”。游戏直播连接了游戏、视频直播、传统视频平台,带动了几个细分行业的发展,互联网巨头们也试图争夺蛋糕的一块。从游戏直播中可以看出目前中国最受欢迎的游戏、关注最多的游戏赛事,而以此为基础的游戏八卦、真人秀、脱口秀也连接了个人和大众,从另一个侧面提高了游戏的知名度。VR技术作为全球范围内新技术的发展重点,能够运用到多个领域中,而在游戏行业的运用也同样具有极大的前景,虽然VR技术尚且发展不够成熟、入门门槛较高,但是企业家们已经窥见了其中的商机,相信在很快的未来,VR技术与游戏的有机结合以及真正的商用化能够成为现实。

  • 网购-如何吸引海外的中国消费者
  • 30 Jun
  • 网购-如何吸引海外的中国消费者

    by Jane Chen in Uncategorized
  • 中国网上购物发展现状 随着中国消费者对在线购物日益提升的接纳度以及大型零售商纷纷提供更加完善和多样的线上服务,中国电子商务的发展远超预期。2015年中国电子商务交易总额达到18万亿元,与14年相比增幅超过35%,中国已成为世界第一大网络零售市场。 中国同时也是世界上社交网络用户数最多的国家之一。2015年,中国不同城市及广大农村地区共计约6.3亿的互联网用户。 海外华人逆向网上购物 目前,在海外的华人约有5000万,华裔新移民在购买商品时也有自己的烦恼:买不到习惯使用的国内产品和偏爱的特定品牌,国外很少有中文版的专业资料、书籍,又或者没有合适尺寸的服装、鞋子,如此巨大的潜在消费群体带来的商机也是巨大的。除此之外,海外华人的中国胃、中国身、中国心把他们与祖(籍)国紧密相连。许多旅居国外的华人回国探亲时会带走许多家乡土特产。 海外华人用户在购买中国用户商品时,更多的是看中商品品种丰富和价格便宜。海淘用户也十分看重价格,但相比之下,更注重商品的品质和品牌。 海外华人对国货的钟情不仅见证着品牌老国货的“回暖”,同时也引领了国货在海外发展的新浪潮。随着网络购物平台的日益完善,越来越多具有中国特色的国货网站在海外兴起,不少外国人也开始对这些具有中国特色的商品产生了浓厚的兴趣。 易买中国是一家免费为海外华人代购国内商品的网站,是首批涉足国货免费代购的企业,客户群体以留学生和海外华人为主。海外很多国家兴起了海外网购服务公司,它们为当地的海外华人服务,提供众多中国商品。从地方土特产到火锅料、调味料;从国产护肤品到彩妆化妆品;从中国风旗袍到经典中山装等,多种多样的商品在很大程度上满足了海外华人对国货的需求。 海淘网站的探索 海外华人对国货的支持与钟爱为国货开辟了新的销售渠道,但是国货在海外的发展仍面临着很多问题。 目前重焕生机的国货品牌销售渠道没有系统化、程序化,很难大规模铺货,影响了国货的市场扩展。其次,跨国网购支付是问题,首先要找到支付方式,另外物流成本是非常贵的,会涉及多点接触的问题,以及购物的时间成本和麻烦的手续,海淘网站需要用一站式服务来方便用户,从而提升用户的互联网跨国购物体验。 欢迎拨打021-5386 0380,或邮件,定制您的消费者调查和海外市场渠道调查。