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Daxue Consulting provides market research for Chinese companies in their domestic and overseas market

Daxue Consulting regularly conducts researches on different markets in China and international marketOur international team combines experience of the Chinese markets and European background. We conducted projects covering consumption patterns, U&A, Brand Equity, Consumer Insight, Trade Marketing- etc in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou as well as France, UK, Germany, USA, Thailand, Vietnam.

Our international clients for market research

We provide data-collection oriented to your decision-making. The final objective is to help you to compete on your domestic market with international competition and to expand to new markets. To do so, we provide you with a better understanding of China market, consumers and consumption patterns. The final purpose is to provide you a better understanding of your consumers, your distribution and your market. Our project managers provide valuable insights, they identify key driver of growth and the recommendations given are as operational as possible.

Daxue Consulting leverages the best data-collection tools and methodologies to assist your strategy

Daxue Consulting’s project manager may use various methodologies to improve the understanding of any market such as:

-> In-depth interviews with market insiders

-> Offline or Online survey with targeted sample of consumers. We work with your staff to determine the best approach, sample and provide valuable and complete data analysis.

-> Store-checks, mystery shopping, including usage of Mobile APP to collect in-store data

-> Online survey including usage of our in-house online platform

-> Information collection through the Internet (Baidu, Google, specific platforms) and Big Data through our in-house database and data-extraction on social media, ecommerce and search engine

-> Eye-tracking using specific material and facilities to extract strategic consumer non-verbal information regarding website usability or packaging efficiency.

-> Sensory testing using Daxue’s facilities to evaluate the reaction of consumers according to specific stimuli

-> Social listening through data extraction and comprehensive audit of the activity on social media

Our team of project managers